Green Natural Solutions


Welcome to GNS! Our slogan is "expect the best" for a reason. We are focused on producing top shelf meds at a good price for the "cannasuers" of Colorado. We do have $25 eighths to meet your every need but that is NOT what we are proud of. Too many stores these days pump out 6's and 7's out of 10 for a cheaper price while we stay focused on tip top shelf. Our prices range accordingly, from $25 1/8ths to $45 1/8ths for our members. We never run less than 100 strains of flower and of course the finest wax comes from these strains. Our shelves are always stocked full of concentrates, edibles and flower for your EVERY need. Come in and see us and experience the GNS difference.


Email : [email protected]
Address : 716 GRAND AVE
State : CO
Zip : 81601


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